Magnetic Pulleys

Magnetic Pulleys

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Magnetic Separators and Pulleys

At PSI Technologies Inc. we offer a wide range of Magnetic Separators & Lifting Magnets. They have use in diverse industries including Coal, Food, Ceramic, Chemical, Aggregates, Glass, Minerals Processing, Metalworking, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Plastics and Recycling. These products offer a right solution to the process applications. They are just perfect in terms of cost, power, equipment protection, convenience and product purity. Also, we keep up with the concepts of lower maintenance costs, high production rate and safety in heavy engineering applications.

We have pioneered the magnetic solutions for many problems, and are able to provide industry-specific solutions. The Magnetic Separator is an essential process equipment in the mineral industry, where magnetic material extraction and ferrous material recovery from process lines are performed. Permanent Magnetic Separators with appropriate magnetic strength are available for all applications.

Products Application:

  • Magnetic Separators for Food & Process Industry
  • Permanent magnet drum machines: For removal of ferrous contamination
  • Permanent magnet drums: For ferrous contamination removal
  • Plate magnets: For arresting of ferrous contamination
  • Grid magnets: For arresting of ferrous contamination
  • Magnetic humps: For ferrous contamination arresting 
  • Magnetic Separators for Mineral-extraction-plants & Crushing-plants
  • Suspension magnets: For up-stream equipment protection
  • Over band magnets: For up-stream equipment protection
  • Cross belt magnets: For self cleaning
  • High intensity magnetic drums: For ferrous removal / mineral extraction 
  • High intensity roll magnets: For ferrous removal / mineral extraction
  • Magnetic Separators and Lifting Magnets for applications of machine shop
  • Magnetic lifting solutions for different applications of component lifting, such as:
  • Permanent Lifting Magnets For Component Lifting
  • Circular Lifting Magnets For Scrap Lifting
  • Magnetic Floor Sweepers For Shop Floors' Scrap Collecting

Apart from our broad variety as a part of standard manufacturing program, our application team helps you choose the right equipment for your particular application, and also develop customized solutions.